First person in China manufacture DESMA shoe mold
                NIU JINYI (Mr.

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He is the first person who starts to make the mould for the DESMA injection machines which  imported from German in China. Now he serves as a Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at the Zhe Jiang Lisheng Shoe Mould Co. Limited. He was involved in shoe mould development in Shijiazhuang Gaozhu mould factory in 1988, and he is with 30 years’ experience in manufacturing
Shoe moulds


Chinese Double Star Group (formerly Qingdao Rubber ninth plants) imported the first Germany DESMA injection shoe machine and involved in the development of the special DESMA mould, and achieved great success. It filled in gaps of the domestic manufacture of  the Imported shoes mould. And the products are awarded as national new products, high quality products in Hebei Province in1991, and won the national silver medal of the Spark Technology Plan, which has been incorporated into the "Encyclopedia of Chinese technological achievements" "China applicable technological achievements database. "Since then the Chinese manufactured shoe industry has developed by leaps and bounds, especially in the area of high-end shoes and Special shoes
1992 Zhejiang Saina Group DESMA second Desma machine
1993 Shandong HongRun Footwear introduce third  DESMA machine
1993 Shandong Vocal Group (now Shandong Huili) imported fourth DESMA machine
1995 China Tongbang  imported the fifth DESMA machine
1996 Beijing Heli footwear imported  the sixth DESMA machine with mechanical hand
 1997 Handan, Hebei Jin Guangyuan Footwear imported seventh DESMA machine

2002 Chinese RongGuang Group imported the first Italy MAIN GROUP and DESMA
2003 Zhongshan Lungi footwear imported Italian MAIN GROUP and DESMA
It is all of the contribution of Mr. Niu Jinyi to import the first ten Germany DESMA and Italy MAIN GROUP machine and develop the mold manufacturing in China. It has been twenty years for the innovation of the leading imported luxury shoes mould.

In the early nineties, our concept of shoes is only: cloth shoes, sandals, leather shoes, Big head shoe. When produced the first pair of gym shoes after we Imported the first DESMA, we have launched a new type of shoe culture beautiful picture, I am proud and pride! I am willing to discuss about, innovate and share moulds and shoe culture with footwear manufacturers, and we are dedicated in making fashionable, comfort, protective, secure and  healthy shoes for the world .

Our team of professional development and manufacturing
Germany (Desma) DESMA injection machine,
Italy (MAIN GROUP) MAIN GROUP injection machine,
Italy ( GUSBERTI) injection machine,
Taiwan (Kou Yi) KOU YI even help injection machine
Etc. including domestic PU / TPU / PVC / TPR / PR / RB shoe making machine is equipped with the mould of safety shoes, work shoes, protective shoes, combat shoes, CQB terrorism shoes, special rescue shoes, outdoor shoes, high fashion shoes and so forth.
    We are engaged in providing training, machine maintenance, information technology exchange services for shoemaking enterprises.

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